Build your 6 Fig Online Paid Community without needing to do any of the business stuff.

This is How we can help you...

Struggling to monetize your audience to build a consistent stream of income.

Being able to get the financial freedom you desire. Earn 5 Fig consistently making content you love.

Love making content but don't know how to build and grow a business nor do you wanna do it yourself.

Having a business that brings you in passive income. Without needing to build, grow or manage it yourself.

Feeling burnt out, barely having any time for yourself or your family cause you're trying to manage everything yourself.

Slashing your working time in half. Having more time to yourself then ever before, only working a few hours everyday, or 4 day work weeks.

Hopping from one business model to another, one 9-5 to another. Barely making you enough and sucking your creative energy.

Building a community around your passion. Feeling more genuine and energized, while making only more every next month.

Feeling unmotivated. Doubting your own abilities and expertise, making you loose self confidence. Victim of the broke influencer syndrome.

Productizing yourself and your knowledge. Changing people's life with your wisdom. Building a community that empowers you all while making bank.

You Make the Content. Let us Handle the rest.

"I’ve been looking for an opportunity to make starting a business accessible to EVERYONE. And after four years…I finally found it. Skool is that opportunity."

-Alex Hormozi

Will you be among the ones who capitalize on this oppurtunity or will this be another one you miss out on?

The clock is ticking. You don't have a lot of time. This is the most simplest yet the most effective business you can start in 2024 and the best part... you don't have to worry about building, running or managing any of the business stuff. You don't wanna miss out. You don't want to get back to that 9 to 5 or try and fail at another business model.
WARNING: You'll never have to worry about monetizing your content again....

Rayyan Umer

For long I've been looking for the perfect business model. I tried smma, affiliate marketing but none really worked for me until as Alex Hormozi said I finally found it. Online paid communities are making the future millionaires and it's the perfect time to take your share of the pie. I've read countless books on sales and marketing, learnt from million dollar course creators and finally perfected a 7 step system to build your community your audience throw money at from scratch and scale to 5-6 figures, but more importantly I'm just like you, an 18 year old entrepreneur trying to live his best life and changing as many lifes as possible in the way. I'm looking forward to building your dream community....


  • How big should my audience be?
      You should have at least 40K followers combined across all your social media. The more the merrier.

  • Do you charge monthly retainers?
      Absolutely not, we are confident we can bring you amazing results that's exactly why we make money when you make money.

  • What type of content creators do you work with?
      As long as you are providing value to your audience. Teaching a skill or educating them, you can apply to work with me.

  • What does the process look like for me?
      I see this as a partnership. I'll be working closely with you throughout the process. You'll have access to me all the time. I'll be taking over some things completely like research, managing, selling etc. while working with you closely and advising you on others like building the course, content strategy etc.

  • How long does it take to launch the community?
      There's no fixed time, since it largely depends on you and your goals for the community. You can expect 3-6 weeks before your community goes live. Remember, we can always continue improving it and it doesn't have to be perfect at the start.

This is not for you...

  • If you're looking to take without giving back this is definitely not for you.

  • If you're not ready to put in the effort to genuinely build something worth your audience's time and money this is definitely not for you.

  • If you're okay surviving on the ad revenue or staying stuck in that 9 to 5 you should definitely not consider this.

  • If you're someone who don't want to build genuine connections with his audience and change their lives then this is not for you

Are you a desion maker?